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PhDinCounselingPsychology has several resources for students interested in counseling psychology PhD programs. Earning a PhD online is an option for those who need maximum flexibility when it comes to scheduling courses and completing program requirements. What’s great about distance learning is the ability to maintain your work and family obligations while earning your degree. For those interested in psychology and who want to pursue the highest academic qualification there is, we have good news! It is possible to earn a PhD in Counseling Psychology online.

A PhD in Counseling Psychology is a program designed for students seeking jobs in academia, research, or advanced clinical practice. These programs provide advanced training and professional development in about five years, depending on the school and your personal circumstances.

Walden University PhD in Counseling Psychology PhD in Educational Psychology PhD in Social Psychology Walden University › Walden University is one of the most popular schools for students pursuing online graduate degrees. Walden was founded in 1970 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is now one of the largest online schools in the country. Walden has PhD programs in Counseling, Educational, and Social Psychology available online that can help you further your career.
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Northcentral University PhD in Psychology PhD in Health Psychology Northcentral University › While Northcentral University offers programs from the bachelor education level on up, its online graduate degrees are what distinguish it from many other schools. NCU is an accredited school in Prescott Valley, Arizona and was founded in 1996. It offers online degrees like the PhD and MA in Health Psychology.
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Grand Canyon University PhD in Psychology: Cognition and Instruction PhD in Psychology: Performance Psychology Grand Canyon University › Grand Canyon University is one of the few accredited schools offering PhD programs for Cognition and Instruction Psychology and Performance Psychology online. While this program can be taken by anyone who has met the enrollment criteria, it is ideal for someone looking to cut down on commuting or childcare expenses or balance their education with busy work schedules and responsibilities.
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Chicago School of Professional Psychology PhD in Business Psychology: Consulting PhD in Organizational Leadership PhD in International Psychology Chicago School of Professional Psychology › Chicago School of Professional Psychology has helped prepare students for jobs by taking a practical, hands-on approach to learning. This accredited school was founded in 1979 in Chicago, Illinois and now serves over 4,300 students with campus and online programs like the PhD in Business Psychology Consulting and Organizational Leadership degrees.
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Liberty University PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision Liberty University › "Liberty University’s Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling (Ph.D.) — Counselor Education and Supervision online program instructs students in advanced teaching and counseling skills. This program is ideal for those interested in program evaluation and advanced research methods, and who also want to expand their career options."
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Purdue University MS: Psych - Applied Behavioral Analysis Purdue University › When you enroll at Purdue University, you are gaining access to one of the country’s largest educational networks - over 70 campuses, almost 200 programs to choose from, and a student body of more than 50,000. Purdue was established in 1937 and now offers several programs online like the MS in Addiction Psychology or Applied Behavioral Analysis.
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Andrews University PhD in Counseling Psychology PhD in Educational Psychology Andrews University › "Andrews University is the flagship educational institution of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, including the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business Administration, School of Education, College of Tech."
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Argosy University PsyD in Clinical Psychology PsyD in School Psychology Argosy University › "In our Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology program, our central goal is to prepare you to become a competent, valuable contributor to the field of professional psychology. Our program’s strengths include our commitment to student learning and mentoring, our diversity among faculty and students, and our focus on clinical practice."
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Why Earn a PhD in Counseling Psychology?

A PhD is a solid investment in your career and your future. And if you’re a counselor, earning a PhD will prove to be a vital asset. A PhD signifies a mastery of the field and is appealing to prospective employers. What’s more, you can earn your PhD online, saving you time, money, and hassle.

But why else earn a PhD in Counseling Psychology?

  • More prestige: Adding a PhD to your name is a nice bonus, wouldn’t you say?
  • More money: An advanced degree often means an increase in salary.
  • More opportunity: You can look forward to new and challenging job prospects!

How to Earn a PhD in Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology is a growing discipline with great earning potential and professional reward. And if you’re up for earning your doctorate, you’ll become a leader and key contributor to your field.
First things first:

  1. Find the right program: Not all schools are the same so make sure you do your research and choose accordingly. Also, verify the accreditation status of the institution.
  2. Ensure financial assistance: Some PhD programs offer financial support for students. If you need assistance, call the financial aid department to learn about available resources.
  3. Choose between online and on-campus programs: If you need maximum scheduling flexibility, an online program offers just that. But if you prefer face-to-face instruction, you might be better suited for a traditional, campus-based program.

Once you’ve determined the above, it’s time to focus on the program and its requirements. Doctoral programs are intense and require extensive academic clinical preparation. For your application, you’ll likely need the following documentation:

  • A Completed Application Form
  • Official Transcripts
  • Three of Four Letters of Recommendation
  • A Personal Statement
  • Interview

Coursework and Degree Requirements

Once enrolled in a PhD program, you’ll be required to complete a series of courses in addition to a dissertation and a series of exams. Coursework typically covers the following areas:

  • Career Development and Counseling
  • Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling Psychology
  • Research and Statistics
  • Research Seminars and Workshops

You might also be required to take advanced electives and complete comprehensive assessment examinations. Again, each program is different.

Once you’ve completed the required coursework, it’s time to start your dissertation. A dissertation is a book-length project and a real milestone of your PhD career. Dissertations can take several years to complete and must be defended in front of a dissertation committee. Defending your thesis is a huge effort and often requires months of preparation. But your coursework and years of experience will provide much-needed inspiration.

Career Options for Counseling Psychologists

Once you’ve completed your PhD, you’ll be in an exciting new world of career possibilities. What’s great about your field is the variety! You can work in a number of different settings and study a number of different areas of counseling, including:

  • adolescent development
  • adult development/aging
  • aggression/anger control
  • child development
  • community psychology
  • crisis intervention
  • developmental disabilities
  • eating disorders
  • group processes
  • health psychology
  • interpersonal relationships
  • mental illness
  • neuropsychology
  • rehabilitation
  • substance abuse
  • vocational psychology

Many organizations and agencies hire psychologists. You can search for employment opportunities at schools, government agencies, research clinics, hospitals, community centers, just to name a few. If academia is your chosen profession, you can teach, work as a department chair, or even a dean.

Job and salary prospects vary depending a number of factors. Your experience, area of specialty, and type of employer will play a role in how much you earn. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, clinical, counseling, and school psychologists earned a mean annual wage of $73,090 in May 2011. Top paying industries for this occupation included:

  • Employment Services: $97,060
  • Business Schools and Computer and Management Training: $95,670
  • Scientific Research and Development Services: $87,550
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises: $87,500
  • Home Health Care Services: $86,340

Industries with the highest level of employment for clinical, counseling, and school psychologists included:

  • Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Offices of Other Health Practitioners
  • Individual and Family Services
  • State Government (OES Designation)
  • Outpatient Care Centers

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