Helpful Guide to a Successful Career in Psychology

Working as a psychologist is a people-focused career, and to work well with, help, and treat others involves a lot of demands and expectations. It’s an occupation that requires a lot of training, as well as patience and commitment. But it is a very fulfilling career and one that can help to provide relief and stability to the lives of many people. It can also be a well-paying career for people who invest in their career – the average salary for those working as psychologists is almost $70,000, with those working in certain areas of the country or having their own practice earning more.

So what does it take to be a successful psychologist, and have a satisfying job helping others?

A Commitment to Your Education

To practice psychology – either as a counselor or as a researcher – you must have a doctorate degree. So fully committing to a career in psychology means fully committing to about 8 years of post-graduate education and research. Additionally, there are dozens of conferences and research gatherings every year that professional psychologists attend for further education and other benefits, like networking and training in a specific area.

Be Responsible for Your Career

Graduating from a psychology program is only the first step. Establishing yourself in a career can take some time. One good way to make sure you are at your best is to continue to invest is that education by taking advantage of professional education opportunities, as mentioned above. Another is to use the network you’ve developed over the years. By being a student for many years, working as an intern, on research projects, hospitals, in clinics, in laboratories, and in school, you’re bound to have many professional contacts you can reach out to and ask for potential job leads.

Become good at advocating for yourself and your skills – during interviews, be sure to always mention any successful projects you’ve worked on, relationships you’ve built up, scholarships you’ve earned, or other goals met. But also remember the importance of listening. This is not only a key requirement in actually practicing psychology, but also in finding a job as a psychologist.

It’s important to also be aware of the many jobs that a psychologist can work in. Not only is there private practice or clinic work, psychologists can assist detectives in criminal investigations, work as professors, work for research facilities, or work as private consultants.

Once you’re in a position as a practicing psychologist, self-marketing can occur in the form of word of mouth by clients and employers. Psychology is definitely the kind of business where a good professional reputation can go a long way in ensuring a healthy, stable career.

Take Time for Yourself

Being a psychologist can be demanding work. It can often mean digging deep into the lives of others, long hours, multiple projects, and other stressful factors. It’s not helpful to your clients or your employer if you burn out, and it certainly isn’t helpful for you. So start protecting yourself early in your career by hedging out time for yourself, for your family, for your hobbies in the midst of your education and career goals.

While psychology can be a trying career, it is also rewarding in personal and professional ways. Education and hard work are repaid through good relationships, fair compensation, and the satisfaction of being able to treat people and work through their problems – whether it be in an office, a research lab, or training others to go out and touch lives through psychology and medicine.

Online Graduate Programs in Counseling Psychology

Walden University PhD in Counseling Psychology PhD in Educational Psychology PhD in Social Psychology Walden University › Walden University is one of the most popular schools for students pursuing online graduate degrees. Walden was founded in 1970 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is now one of the largest online schools in the country. Walden has PhD programs in Counseling, Educational, and Social Psychology available online that can help you further your career.
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Northcentral University PhD in Psychology PhD in Health Psychology Northcentral University › While Northcentral University offers programs from the bachelor education level on up, its online graduate degrees are what distinguish it from many other schools. NCU is an accredited school in Prescott Valley, Arizona and was founded in 1996. It offers online degrees like the PhD and MA in Health Psychology.
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Grand Canyon University PhD in Psychology: Cognition and Instruction PhD in Psychology: Performance Psychology Grand Canyon University › Grand Canyon University is one of the few accredited schools offering PhD programs for Cognition and Instruction Psychology and Performance Psychology online. While this program can be taken by anyone who has met the enrollment criteria, it is ideal for someone looking to cut down on commuting or childcare expenses or balance their education with busy work schedules and responsibilities.
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Chicago School of Professional Psychology PhD in Business Psychology: Consulting PhD in Organizational Leadership PhD in International Psychology Chicago School of Professional Psychology › Chicago School of Professional Psychology has helped prepare students for jobs by taking a practical, hands-on approach to learning. This accredited school was founded in 1979 in Chicago, Illinois and now serves over 4,300 students with campus and online programs like the PhD in Business Psychology Consulting and Organizational Leadership degrees.
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Liberty University PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision Liberty University › "Liberty University’s Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling (Ph.D.) — Counselor Education and Supervision online program instructs students in advanced teaching and counseling skills. This program is ideal for those interested in program evaluation and advanced research methods, and who also want to expand their career options."
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Purdue University MS: Psych - Applied Behavioral Analysis Purdue University › When you enroll at Purdue University, you are gaining access to one of the country’s largest educational networks - over 70 campuses, almost 200 programs to choose from, and a student body of more than 50,000. Purdue was established in 1937 and now offers several programs online like the MS in Addiction Psychology or Applied Behavioral Analysis.
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Andrews University PhD in Counseling Psychology PhD in Educational Psychology Andrews University › "Andrews University is the flagship educational institution of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, including the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business Administration, School of Education, College of Tech."
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Argosy University PsyD in Clinical Psychology PsyD in School Psychology Argosy University › "In our Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology program, our central goal is to prepare you to become a competent, valuable contributor to the field of professional psychology. Our program’s strengths include our commitment to student learning and mentoring, our diversity among faculty and students, and our focus on clinical practice."
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